Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on GGPChat. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. GGPCHAT Community Standards.(V1.8)

    The intention is for the forum to be a place to gain info and do research whilst being part of a community. Please contribute should you find anything that may be of interest/value or if you have a point you would like to discuss with fellow investors, anything posted here should not be considered as financial advice.

    The following are unique to this space. Please be mindful of what you are saying, and the tone in which you are conveying it.

    :?: DO:
    - If the post is your opinion, please state it.
    - If you post something as a fact, please support it with evidence - be prepared to support facts with sources.
    - Please use the provided reactions :) :( :shock: to react to posts - it is how we expect to gauge sentiment on any thread.
    - Be civil and considerate.
    - Make a new topic if you have a question on something someone has said in a post on another topic.
    - Report suspicious posts.

    :!: DO NOT:
    - Hijack a thread - posts will be deleted.
    - Talk about other shares. including in "off-topic", and meeting areas.
    - Abuse others in any way shape or form.
    - Ramp or deramp, we already know the outlook of the company you do not need to tell us.
    - Brag about average prices achieved or quantities held, we do not care.
    - Be rude, or inconsiderate.

    :idea: Notes from the DEV team..
    - The chat has been structured so that topics should be easy to find, please ensure that you post your thoughts and findings in the appropriate forum/thread and use the search function before asking questions.
    - Disruptive discussions/debates will be culled.
    - Votes may be used to assist in the moderation of the boards.
    - At times of important news, it may be necessary to put the forums into slow mode but this will be minimised.
    - Swearing is discouraged. colourful language is moderated - keep it classy.

    :!: What gets you banned.
    - Being warned too many times, for failing to comply with these standards.
    - Spamming, pornographic material, adult jokes or associated content will not be tolerated, as is sharing of political views, ideas and religion. Discrimination of any kind and failure to comply with this will also lead to posts being removed for the moderation team to deal with.

    There is a zero tolerant policy in place for abuse. #